Making McKinsey Academy Global (Language) Ready

McKinsey Academy created an educational tool to help companies and teams transform through interactive lesson plans and group cohorts.

For this specific project at Mckinsey Academy, I lead the team in updating their mobile app to accommodate clients with unique languages; specifically those that read right to left.

  • Creative Direction
  • Photosop + Illustrator
  • Responsive Design

The Planning

Working with the product and engineering teams, we highlighted aspects of the experience where we know with certainty where the experience needs to diverge from "left-to-right" to "right-to-left" orientation.

Below is the user journey that outlined the areas we needed to supply design alternates.

The Updated Designs

The major issue I needed to tackle in this update was how to handle integrating language orientations into the already established experience. From user research and surveys, I learned that the majority of Arabic speaking users were used to switching between two orientations and even within the same screen and experience. This helped myself and the development team highlight the areas of the experience of focus: 1. fully customized screens and 2. screens that would be a mash-up of Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left orientations within the same screen.

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